Cesar Castro is Advisor, Board Member, Founder and Managing Partner. He has spent his career as a strategic driver of corporate expansion at Microsoft, Nokia and America Movil. Along the way, he has delivered profitable growth, generated hundreds of millions of dollars in shareholder value. These days he helps organizations to drive the path of business transformation particularly focused on digital transformation, exponential organizations and the application of accelerating technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Mix Reality and AI (Artificial Intelligence).



Olga is Founder and Managing Partner of Escalate Group. She is expert on mobile marketing and related technologies, a consultant to content and service providers and independent leader on marketing strategy, online market research and digital marketing. Formerly Olga was Managing Director at FocusMovil, and previously worked in Information Technology Services and Telecom.

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Nayib is the CTO of Netbeam and a Senior Consultant at EscalateGroup LLC. Nayib has over 20 years experience overseeing Wireless Telecommunication teams on a global basis, with focus in Latin America with Nokia products, and Nextel International consultant for deployments in Asia and South America. He has always enjoyed new and innovative technologies that solve real world problems.